Dyson Vacuum Reviews: Is Dyson The Best Vacuum?

Me and Dyson Animal vacuumI’ve been a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner owner for many years. After spending over $3,000 in vacuums during my 23 years of marriage, I can honestly say… The Dyson Animal is the best vacuum I’ve ever used! And I’ve owned some pretty good vacuums in my time including Kirby, Oreck, Hoover Wind Tunnel, etc.

If you’re in a hurry, check out the Compare Dyson Models page for in-depth reviews and comparisons of the latest Dyson vacuums. I don’t believe you’ll find any better reviews on the web. All from a user’s perspective, not rehashed content found on sales or manufacturers pages.

There’s also a chart of all the model’ s specifications and the Dyson Model Reference Guide, listing the main feature differences between the different models.

Over a multi-part series, I’ll look at some of the reasons I think Dyson vacuums are so good… things I’ve learned over the years of using it and some things I don’t like.

First, a little history….. Of the four vacuums we’ve owned – that I can remember anyways – all of them except the Oreck vacuum were brand new. Just after marriage, my wife succumbed to a door-to-door Kirby salesman and bought a Kirby vacuum and just about every attachment offered – including a spray paint attachment (yes, you read correctly; a spray paint attachment for a vacuum).  All told, the thing was over $2,000! But, being the lovesick puppy I was (and still am if I’m being honest), whatever she said she wanted – she got.

Besides, we had to replace the old, used vacuum given to us by her parents upon marriage. In the Kirby’s defense, it seemed to always do a decent job of vacuuming.  Good suction and carpets looked clean and no dust bunnies on any hardwood floors.  But the thing was heavy.  It’s weight caused two hernias toting the dang thing around the house (sorry about the visual… and I exaggerate only slightly ).  Of course, this story hardly has anything to do with the intended topic of my Dyson review but that Kirby vacuum to this day lives in infamy and I’ve told my darling wife that I intend to bury it with her.

The Oreck was an eBay purchase and though technically ‘used’ (store return) it was, as far as I could tell, in new condition when we got it. Have no idea where it is today because its tenure in our household wasn’t very long – we just never warmed up to its cleaning ability. Yes, It’s certainly lightweight – no more hernia’s!! – but it didn’t seem to ever get the carpets clean. Plus, if we needed a hose or hard floor attachment to clean a room, we had to pull out the little portable vacuum (forgot its name but we still have it).

We ended up getting rid of the Oreck when we bought a brand spankin’ new – top of the line – self-propelled Hoover Windtunnel several years ago which cost just shy of a mortgage payment I think….. Complete with the add-on “high velocity” brush attachment for pet hair. We used it and it seemed to do a decent joHoover WindTunnel Vacuumb for us but one thing that constantly bugged me was how high up the hose entered into the vacuum body. See the picture? The hose comes out of the vacuum at the middle of the back. Every time I went to use the hose with attachments, the vacuum would tip over. It just seemed like a dumb design and I wonder who did the testing in their R&D lab before going to production with it? As Forest Gump says – “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Anyway, when the Hoover was needing a belt replacement, I borrowed my friend’s vacuum. Just happened to be the Dyson DC07 model.  When I first saw it, I made the comment that it looked like a Barbie toy – it was made out of ‘plastic’ and just looked very fragile. My friend, who hardly gets excited over anything, kept going on and on about this vacuum – How the Dyson is the most powerful vacuum he’s ever used. How it never loses suction power. The ease of use, having all the attachments with the vacuum, clear canister bin to see when it’s full, etc, etc.

When my friend bought his, they included a piece of the “plastic” – actually polycarbonate – the vacuum is made from and he simply could not break it with his hands – he had to but it in a vice and really put his weight into it. He told me his family have let this thing go down the steps (“on accident” so the kid’s say) several times and it has never broken. No wonder, polycarbonate is what they make riot shields, fighter jet canopies & crash helmets from.

Well, I was intrigued by this machine so I brought it home and used it and was quite impressed by how lightweight and easy it was to use and also just how much crap the vacuum was sucking into its clear plastic canister. I mean, really amazed!

I proceeded to vacuum the entire first floor, emptying the canister many times and then went upstairs with the Hoover (new belt installed) and Dyson to do a little test. I loaded a new bag in the Hoover and vacuumed our bedroom. I then went over the same area with the Dyson and again was totally shocked at the suction and Dyson DC14 Anmimal Cannister how much more dirt – small particles mind you – were in the canister. And it was great to simply take the canister off, push a bottom and dump the nasty contents of what used to be on our floors and, replace the canister.  NO MORE VACUUM BAGS to buy – EVER!

But this had to be a fluke… so I repeated the test… same results.

I was also impressed by the engineering and ergonomics of the Dyson – how easy it was to maneuver around the furniture and no head adjustment when going from carpet to hard floors – the hose came out of the bottom of the vacuum – no more tip-overs – the crevice tool has small openings along the top of the tool so when I  vacuum the drapes (oh my gosh, I was vacuuming the drapes?), the sheer material of the drapes didn’t get sucked into the tool.

I also liked how easy it was to use the extension hose and attachment tools, just slide the handle up out of the hose and either flip it around for an extended reach or just put the attachment on and go.  Nice long reach too.

Needless to say, I was hooked on this upright!! The Dyson simply blew me away and I was not even in the market for another vacuum (and either was the Mrs.) after dumping as much as we did into the Hoover. Still, it was quite evident to me that the Dyson was clearly superior to any vacuum we owned before and I simply had to have one – even though I wasn’t the one who normally did the vacuuming.

So, a few months later and a few more tests so the wife could see, we purchased a Dyson DC07 Animal. Refurbished at that – (Hey, I still had a several hundred dollar Hoover collecting dust and simply could not afford a brand-spanking new Dyson). To this day, the Dyson is still going strong. I’ve added a Dyson Ball – the DC18 and a cordless DC16 to the collection as well – all good vacuums in their own right.

Best money I ever spent on a home cleaning product, bar none.

In the next part, I’ll go into a few reasons why the Dyson is the best vacuum cleaner (in my opinion) and how, if you own pets, you’ll absolutely love the Dyson Animal vacuum. Till then, I’ll let you talk to your spouse about this guy who sounds like he’s in love with a dang vacuum cleaner. …

Course, if you’ve read enough and want to get one for yourself, check out the prices of Dyson vacuums here.  I don’t think you’ll find any better prices, service and most come with free shipping!  And also check out some of my articles on buying a refurbished Dyson.  The savings might blow you away. And you might just be saying a few weeks from now how you think Dyson is the best vacuum cleaner on the market too.

Happy vacuuming…..