Dyson DC24 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

Please note, this review covers both the Dyson DC24 Multi-Floors and Animal models.  Except for color, they are the exact same vacuum.  The Animal simply adds a Mini Turbine Tool to the included accessories.

If you’re like most people, your vacuum cleaner is an indispensable part of your housekeeping equipment.  However, if your place is small or you’d like to store a second vacuum in an out of the way place upstairs, you didn’t have much choice but to either use a small cordless or, learn to manage with a full-sized vacuum

Well, the engineers at Dyson have come up with a solution of their own – the DC24 Ball Upright Vacuum Cleaner. At 2/3rds the size of full-size vacuums, it’s purposely designed for small homes, spaces,  apartments and the like yet, doesn’t give up any of the Dyson features that have made them so popular – no loss of suction, bagless, asthma & allergy certified, 5 year warranty – to name a few.

Let’s take a further look at the Dyson DC24 and see if it deserves your consideration, shall we?


  • Root cyclone technology – no loss of suction
  • Motorized brushbar
  • Easy to reach controls
  • HEPA filtration
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Ball Technology – easy to maneuver
  • 5 year warranty parts & labor
  • Bagless

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All Dyson vacuum are easy to assemble and this one’s probably the easiest. There are five parts total when removed from the small box.

Here’s how to assemble:

  • Lie the vacuum down on it’s back
  • Attach the cleaner head
  • Stand vacuum up and slide handle into hose pre-attached at back
  • Place combination tool into caddie

Ready to go.

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ball web

The Dyson DC24 rides on a ball instead of traditional wheels you may be used to.  To turn the vacuum you turn your wrist. No more straight-line only vacuuming.

The ball does take a bit getting used to and at first, your wrists may get a bit tired.  My first exposure to a Dyson ball was not that great.  In fact, I didn’t understand all the fuss and was quite happy to continue on with my wheeled DC07.  But after awhile, the merits of using a ball and being able to turn the vacuum easily made sense.  Now, I love it.

The motor is housed in the ball so there is a lower center of gravity when maneuvering. And since the DC24 is more compact and lighter, turning is quite easy. The ball is about 1” smaller than on full-size ball vacuum so there’s less mass to move as well. All in all, we’re glad Dyson decided to use the ball  on this vacuum.

The cleaner head is a bit shorter (height-wise) so it will fit a little ways under furniture or your beds, etc., but more on that later.

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What’s the Weight and Dimensions?side by side white web

Dimensions: 29.6″ H x 11″ W x 13.7″ D
Weight:     11.65 LBS

The big feature that makes the DC24 so compact is the handle will collapse down making this vacuum only 29.6” tall when stored or carried yet, a little over 43” when in use.

The picture at right compares a DC24 to a full-size DC25.  Again, about 2/3rds the size.

Combined with an overall small footprint of 11” x 14” (only a few inches bigger than a sheet of paper), this little fella can be stored in a LOT of places – small closet, under stairs, laundry room, even a larger pantry perhaps.


And at a little over 11 Lbs, the DC24 is a pleasure to use and carry up and down steps if needed.

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How is the Suction and Performance?

Being a pint size cousin to the larger Dyson vacuums, the DC24 does have a smaller motor and hence, less suction at only 115 airwatts. For comparison, the full-size DC25 has almost double the suction power at 225 airwatts.

However, this does not mean the DC24 is a slouch at picking things up.  If your spouse does sand sculpting for a living, this might not be the vacuum for you but it is very impressive as to it’s carpet and bare floor cleaning capabilities, even if you own pets.

One suction measurement done on this vacuum is using a water lift gauge.  Tech-speak for measuring the amount of suction at the end of the vacuum hose using a standardized unit of measure and gauge. The Dc24 measured 80 which is a hair higher than average for a full size vacuum cleaner!

We haven’t seen it struggle at all in picking up debris, crud and hair from carpets or bare floors. Most owner’s agree with this. And with no loss of suction as the bin fills up, this is a vacuum up for just about any task you have in your home.

One area it does struggle in is picking up larger debris. Because the cleaner head self-adjusts to the floor type, it seals pretty well on carpet or hard floors.

Larger cereal or pet food bits tend to get pushed around by the head rather than sucked up unless you tilt the head up a bit to capture them.

Also, if the dust or debris is sitting on carpet and right up against the baseboard, the DC24 will sometimes leave a small strip, maybe 1/8” or so, to clean up with the hose and attachment.  This is all dependent on how well the debris is stuck to the floor.  Normal dust bunnies or loose hair will be sucked up immediately but flour or the like may not.

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The Dyson DC24 is constructed out of Polycarbonate, not plastic.  You will inevitably hear or read comments that this, (and all Dyson vacuums), are “cheap plastic”, “fragile” or “flimsy”.

Polycarbonate is the same material used to make police riot shields, safety helmets, bulletproof glass.  Even the cockpit canopy of the F22 Hornet fighter jet is made from this material.  It is not, to say the least, fragile or flimsy.

I have personally witnessed (some may say “caused – “no comment”) abuses such as a Dyson vacuum falling down a flight of stairs or surviving a full-frontal kick assault with no ill effects to the vacuum.

Dyson does quite a bit of torture testing of it’s own to ensure these vacuums will live a long and healthy life, even if mistreated.

Here’s a sample video of some of the testing performed.

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What Attachments are Included?attachments web

The heading above should say “Attachment” since the DC24 only comes with one, unless you’ve purchased the Animal model which also includes a Mini Turbine Tool for pet hair.

The single tool is a combination brush and debris/upholstery tool. It does a fair job of cleaning – we had no problems on furniture, blinds, shear drapes and floor debris – but you’re not going to be diving into the nether regions of your couch or favorite chair with it, as you could with a crevice tool.

Slide the brush up and lock it to use, well, as a brush and slide the brush down to use for everything else.  There is a small strip of scratchy material (totally a “guy term” there) at the base of the tool when in ‘debris’ configuration so it does a decent job on fabric, just not a very wide one.

Either tool locks into the hose when using without the extension wand but is a friction fit when using the extension wand. This is because the end of the extension wand that accepts the tools has to slide into the hose when storing.

The Mini Turbine Tool that comes with the DC24 Animal model (or can be purchased separately) is specifically designed to remove hair from furniture or stairs.

It is has an air driven brush bar (that can be removed to clean), so at times you have to ‘play’ with the amount of pressure you apply so as not to bog the brush bar down.

It does an excellent job at removing stuck on pet hair and given the small size of the upholstery tool, we consider it a must have if you have pets to clean up after in the home and are considering a DC24.

One gripe we have, as with all Dyson Animal models  – the Mini Turbine Tool cannot be carried on the vacuum, it must be carried separately. AGGGHHHH!!!

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What is the Maximum Hose and Cord Length?

extension wandWe found we could extend out about 12’ in actual use with the hose and extension wand. This gives the ability to do six, maybe seven steps when leaving the vacuum at the base of the stairs. Nothing to write home about but, because of the compact size, it was just as easy to use the hose and either the combination tool or Mini Turbine Tool and carry the DC24 up the stairs with us, setting the vacuum on a step while using.

The extension wand doubles as the handle on this model (and on most Dyson vacuum’s as well).  To use the extension wand, lift the top cap on the handle and press the Red Button at the base of the handle to release the handle from the vacuum.  Rotate the handle 180 degrees and snap the handle end into the hose until it locks.  You can now attach your tool to the other end for use.

This is a little cumbersome in actual use but, we’ve had lots of practice from owning our DC07 Animal. Not as quick and convenient as on other Dyson vacuums but I suppose to allow the handle to collapse for compact storage, there wasn’t much choice.

The extension wand gives you about 4’ of additional reach (12′ total) when attached to the hose so high ceilings or vents aren’t a problem.  Also, the hose exits the vacuum near the bottom so you won’t have to worry about tip overs while using and pulling.

The DC24 comes with a 20’ cord. This will certainly allow you to vacuum a large size room without moving to another outlet but don’t expect to do more than one.

However, a longer cord adds more weight and cord storage issues so I suspect Dyson made a few considerations in this area.

The cord stores at the back of the vacuum using a traditional top-bottom hook method to wind the cord around.  The top hook turns sideways to release the wound up cord into your hand when ready to use.

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Can I Use on all Floor Types? Info on the Brush Bar

The Dyson DC24 is designed to be used on all floor types. The cleaner head self-adjusts to whatever flooring type it is vacuuming and there is a power button to turn the brush bar on or off at the base of the handle.  On by default.

The brush bar is motorized and I experienced no bogging down when used on thick pile carpeting. In fact, many owners have commented on how well the DC24 “brings up” the nap of the carpet after vacuuming.

As noted previously, the vacuum does struggle a bit with larger debris – Cheerios, round pet food, etc., whether on hard floors or carpet. The cleaner head normally pushed more debris than it sucked up unless I titled the head up a bit.

I suspect this is the trade-off to get deep down cleaning on carpets. You’ll have to be the judge whether this may be a show stopper in your home or not.

The brush bar is easily removable from the cleaning head to aid in getting all the hair and such that tends to wrap around it. Unlock and lift the side cap and remove the brush bar for cleaning. Easy-peasy.

If the cleaning was due to the brush bar stopping while using it, there is a small reset button on the other side of the cleaner head that may need to be pushed in order to get the brush bar rotating again. This is an overload breaker and is doing what it’s designed to do.

The cleaner head is a bit shorter than on full size Dyson vacuums so it will fit a little ways under your kitchen cabinets, furniture or beds and the like. Not very far, for that you’ll need to use the extension wand and hose but it will get 5-6” or so.

Also, since the DC24 doesn’t have the mega-suction of other Dyson’s, it’s a little better suited to clean smaller or thinner rugs without them sucking up into the head. We appreciated that.

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Is it for me if I Own Pets?

I would highly recommend you go with the DC24 Animal if you have pets.  I’m not always one to blindly recommend the Animal model for pet owners.  Not because the mini Turbine Tool isn’t great for pet hair but because it can’t be carried with the vacuum at all times.

My pea-sized brain (according to the Mrs. at times – and she’s right), cannot always remember to carry with or even get it out of the closet to begin with.  So, depending on the amount and location of pet hair shedding in your home, at times I’ll recommend a Multi-Floor model over an Animal in my reviews.

Not the case with the DC24, at least I’m less hesitant to do so.

The combination tool is not well suited to removing pet hair from fabric in large amounts. It will, but due to the small size of the tool, it’s better suited for smaller clumps of hair, not that large patch on the side of your chair where Fido likes to sleep. It would be a frustrating and time consuming  experience. Combined with the 115 airwatts of suction on the DC24, the combination tool is just not a great pet solution in most homes.  If you only deal with small patches of hair on your furniture, than perhaps ok.

Carpet or hard floors, the DC24 does an excellent job in pet hair pickup, no problems.  Pet dander on walls and such is not a problem either.

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How Much Does the Bin Hold?  Easy to Empty?

The canister bin on the DC24 holds .19 gallons or about 3 cups. Not much, but we’re talking a compact, very lightweight vacuum here too.

To remove the bin for emptying, press the Red Button located on the handle and lift the canister off.  Make sure you place the bin down in the trash can or bag before pushing the same Red Button to unlock the bottom door and release the debris into the trash.  Sometimes, I’ll tap on the side to get all the dust and whatnot out of the bin that’s stuck on and occasionally, I’ve had to reach up and pull some of the debris out of the canister.

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Is This Vacuum Asthma & Allergy Friendly

emissions webYes, As all Dyson upright and canister vacuums are.

The air exiting the vacuum cleaner, that just deposited all that nasty crud you see in the bin, is cleaner than the air you’re breathing right now – assuming you’re not reading this while battling a house fire as a firefighter or something…

The Root Cyclone Technology ensures microscopic dust, dander and the like is captured in the canister bin.  The HEPA filter further scrubs the air clean, trapping particles down to the size 1/5,000 of a pinhead including pollen, mold spores and dust mites.

There are zero dust particles coming out of the exhaust of the DC24 when measured using a particle scanner (pic at left) thanks to two filters on the vacuum. The vacuum is certified by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America.

The pre-filter and HEPA filter are both lifetime and washable.

The pre-filter is located at the top of the canister and the HEPA filter is in the ball. Both are easily accessed. Dyson recommends washing these filters at least once every 3 months and allowing to air dry for a minimum of 24 hours before re-inserting.  I sometimes have to let my dry longer depending on the season.

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What do Other’s Say?

Some of the great features of the DC24 Vacuum that user’s liked include:

  • “FAR BETTER cleaning power (you should see the disgusting dirt and dog hair coming out of our carpets and other flooring”
  • “Great product……worth the money. Compact and quiet. Wish I brought this a long time ago”
  • “Small, easy, lightweight, very easy to maneuver”
  • “…and actually picks up every bit of dirt, dog hair, and anything else that doesn’t belong on my floors”
  • “I love that I don’t have to mess with a bag”
  • “This is a great vacuum cleaner. You won’t believe what was on your floors.”

Some of the things that user’s say are negatives about the Dyson DC24 Vacuum include:

  • “The written directions does not cover every part of the vac so it is a pain to take it apart without knowing what you should do”
  • “One drawback is the attachment hose. You have to reverse the hose to use it”
  • “no crevice tool”
  • “For hundred of dollars a vacuum should come with a retractable cord!”

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Pros and Cons

green stoplight
  • Quiet compared to other vacuums
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Easy to carry
  • Stores in a small area
  • Easy to reach buttons for brush bar
  • Excellent filtration
  • Compact design
  • Excellent suction
  • Can be used on all floor types
yellow stoplight
  • Short power cord
  • Small bin
  • Reversible wand can be a pain to use
  • Struggles with larger debris


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What’s in the Box?

whats in the box web
  • DC24 Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  • Operating manual
  • Quick start guide
  • Combination brush
    • and If Animal model: Mini Turbine Tool
  • Product registration card
  • 5 year parts and labor warranty

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What’s the Price and Where Can I Buy?

I would recommend you check out the price of either the  Dyson DC24 All-Floor Upright Vacuum or the Dyson DC24 Animal Upright Vacuum  at Amazon.

They tend to have the most competitive pricing, especially when you factor in their FREE Super Saver SHIPPING.

Want to save money? Dumb question I know. The first Dyson we bought was a factory refurbished unit.  In fact over the years, we’ve purchased three of them. Saved a ton of my hard earned money and honestly, I couldn’t tell it wasn’t brand new.

You might want to check out my buying a refurbished Dyson Vacuum article if you think remanufactured might be an alternative to buying new.

Or, check out all the reconditioned Dyson vacuums offered at Amazon, including perhaps the DC24. Most will still offer the FREE SHIPPING.

Lastly, If you’ve found this article helpful, how about some “social love” by clicking below or even leave me a comment?  Thanks much!

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