Dyson DC25 Multi-Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

Please note, this review covers both the Dyson DC25 All-Floors and Animal models.  Except for color, they are the exact same vacuum.  The Animal simply adds a Mini Turbine Tool to the included accessories.

Buying a vacuum in this price category represents a significant investment of money on your part and yes, the Dyson DC25 Multi-Floor Vacuum Cleaner IS expensive, but the old axiom, “you get what you pay for” holds true. This very well could be the last vacuum you ever need to buy.

“Is it that good?” you ask?  Read on…

In this review, I’ll look at the good and the bad. I’ll quickly breakdown the features and benefits in several important areas you need to consider before making your buying decision.

I’ll give you my opinion as well as what others are saying and finally, I’ll give you the latest pricing information.

Before moving on, the DC25 Multi-Floors is also known as the Dyson DC25 All-Floors Vacuum Cleaner. A bit of confusion I know, but the same vacuum.  I use either description interchangeably.  It’s the same vacuum – a Dyson DC25.

The Dyson DC25 features “ball technology” instead of the traditional wheels found on other vacuums. After proving the concept of a large ball to maneuver instead of a wheel – using a wheelbarrow no less, James Dyson (the inventor) moved the same technology over to his line of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners.  He cleverly placed the motor inside the ball for lower center of gravity, giving better stability and maneuverability.

After after a bit of whining when I used my first Dyson Ball (it just felt weird to turn a vacuum with my wrist, and my wrist got tired), I quickly saw the benefits and got hooked on how easy to maneuver it was, and still is.

DC25 Reviews however, show there are some things people don’t like and we’ll cover those in a bit.  You’ll have to decide whether the good outweighs the bad for your particular vacuuming needs.


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  • Dyson Ball technology gives smooth, maneuverable steering
  • Root Cyclone technology ensures no clogging or loss of suction.  The suction holds steady at 220 air watts, no matter how full the bin gets
  • Bagless
  • Effective for all floor types.  Auto-adjust to all floors
  • Motorized brushbar with on/off near the handle
  • Telescope Reach wand
  • Easy, snap together assembly
  • HEPA filter which means it is certified asthma & allergy friendly
  • Hygienic dust bin that is operated with buttons
  • On-board tools

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The vacuum comes ninety-five percent assembled and there are no tools needed to finish putting it together.

  • The brush head snaps onto the front of the vacuum
  • The hose, already attached to the vacuum, snaps into the handle
  • Slide the handle down onto the vacuum until it snaps
  • Slide the telescope wand into the handle until it snaps
  • Mount the attachments onto the side of the vacuum

Plug it in, turn it on.  See next section for a video.

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Assembly and Use Video

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The Dyson Ball technology allows the DC25 vacuum cleaner to move in any direction. The roller ball is constructed of high impact ABS plastic and contains the vacuum motor (and HEPA filter). This gives a low center of gravity and also helps with the ability of the vacuum to turn easily.

The motorized brush bar provides stability, as do two small stabilizer wheels at the back of the vacuum (they snap up as soon as you start using the vacuum), so you can stop the upright vacuum and it’ll stand firmly in place.

The ball lets you handle the vacuum with one hand.  I will admit, using the Dyson Ball does take a little getting used to. It’s a different feeling of control, turning your wrist to drive (and turn) the DC25, rather than a firmer grip to push/pull as with traditional vacuums.  At first, I also thought the handle might break because of the slight amount of twisting torque necessary to turn the vacuum. My concern was unfounded.

My wrist was a little fatigued the first few times of using the Dyson Ball.  But that quickly abated and it was soon wonderfully easy to maneuver.

It’s kind of hard to explain but picture this : you see a bit of a leaf,  just over to the left as your vacuuming straight ahead.  Simply twist your wrist and turn the DC25 Ball over to suck up the ‘invader’.  Done.  As apposed to pulling back a traditional vacuum, pivoting it on the rear wheels and then pushing it forward straight line to get rid of that bit of dried nature.  Get it?

You find the DC25 gliding around the kitchen or living room, picking up anything that’s in your vision as well as maneuvering into corners and along baseboards very nicely due to the flexibility of the Dyson Ball technology.

It also moves easily from your tile or hard floors to the deepest pile carpet in your home. More about that later.

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Weight and Dimensions

  • Dimensions: 12.5″ W x 15.5″ L x 42.5″ H
  • Weight: 16.7 pounds

The DC25 is surprisingly easy to carry, thanks to a handle mounted on top of the canister that allows you to simply lift while keeping your carrying arm straight, whether you are carrying the vacuum with the head facing to the front or to the rear.  Going up and down stairs, I find, are not a problem.

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What Attachments Are Included?

  • Combination tool which combines a bristle brush and crevice tool all in one.  Slide the bristle brush down to use the crevice tool, slide it up to use as a brush.
  • Stair and upholstery tool

There are also additional attachments that you may want to buy.

  • Multi-Angle Brush which can contort to clean hard to reach surfaces.
  • Stiff bristle brush that can dig out stubborn, dried-in dirt and grime.
  • Soft dusting brush that are gentle enough to do your dusting for you
  • Mattress tool that makes sucking up dirt and dust mites from mattresses and upholstery easy.

See the optional Dyson Accessories here

A few things to note on the included attachments.

Though the combination tool can be quite handy during practical use, as you see in the picture, the brush, when ‘collapsed’ does take up some of the length of the crevice tool, somewhat hampering those deep couch explorations. Also, the brush, when in use, doesn’t swivel, or pivot, around.

Some users don’t like how narrow (width-wise) the stair tool is while vacuuming the stairs. Personally, I’ve never found this to be a problem; it does take more strokes to complete each stair but, it’s also compact as it rides on the vacuum and I like a narrower tool when vacuuming the arms of couches and chairs, or the car.

The attachments lock into the end of the wand or hose so you don’t have to worry about them falling off mid-use.  To release, push a button on the attachment and pull it off.

Both  attachments snap into their appropriate caddie on the vacuum body so you aren’t likely to discover one of the tools missing after getting upstairs in your home to clean.

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How About Maximum Hose Reach?Dyson Instant-release-wand

The maximum reach of the hose from the vacuum is 16 feet, making stair cleaning easy for most size stairs.  To use the extension, lift a small flap at the top of the handle, and lift the Telescope Reach Wand and extend. This also releases the handle/Telescope wand from the back of the DC25 for use.

A subtle but nice benefit, the hose extends from the lower part of the vacuum instead of the middle or top.  This prevents tip overs when the hose is extended to maximum reach.

You can easily remove the handle/wand from the hose with the push of a button and directly connect either accessory, giving you flexibility and more control in tighter areas (like stairs).  This does shorten the reach for taller stairs but you can reconnect the extension wand to get those lost few top stairs if needed.

To replace the extension wand and handle, simply line up the handle over the top of the vacuum – the hose naturally wants to recoil back to the stored position as you do this – slide the handle down until it snaps, push down the Telescope Wand and re-close the small flap at the top.  One of the most convenient and well engineered extension hoses I’ve seen on a vacuum. See the DC25 Assembly and Use video above for a better visual explanation.

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What about Cord Length and Storage?

The cord is 24.6 feet long. Combined with the 16 foot long hose reach, the maximum reach of the Dyson DC25 is about 40.5 feet. This really comes in handy, allowing you to vacuum and dust quite a large area of living space without having to move the cord to a different outlet.

Some users report the “short cord” as a negative. I guess we’d all like a longer cord when vacuuming but 25 feet, to me, gives a nice long reach to get around in my home.

To store the cord, wrap it around the top, swivel hook on the back of the handle and then down and around the bottom, fixed hook and repeat until you can lock the prong back onto the cord.  To release the cord, simply twist the top hook left or right and the entire cord slides into your hand. Drop your hand a few inches to release the cord from the bottom hook and you’re all set. The cord is free of the vacuum.

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Can I use on All Floor Types? Info on the Brush Bar

The DC25 Ball All-Floors Upright Vacuum Cleaner cleans all floor types – from tile to hardwood to deep pile carpet without having to make any manual adjustments. The vacuum head self adjusts to all floor types.

How? On hard floors, the base plate lowers a bit to create an efficient seal against the floor. The brush bar also raises a bit to protect any delicate surfaces. When moving onto carpet, the base plate rises and the brush bar lowers for optimal bristle penetration into the carpet fibers, removing ground in dirt and pet hair from different depths of carpet pile.

The Dyson DC25 also has a motorized brush bar that can be turned on and off with a single button up by the handle – next to the power button – no stooping or looking for a button on the head.

The DC25′s brush bar roller can be removed on the for cleaning of the bristles. I won’t go into the particulars of how to do in this review but all that’s needed is a coin to unlock the roller and a pair of scissors to cut the offending hair and strings off the roller.  Not all Dyson’s allow you to remove the brush bar to clean, on some models, you have to clean the bristles with the brush bar in place.

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Is This For Me if I Own Pets?

The Dyson DC25 All-Floors Upright Vacuum Cleaner’s has plenty of muscle to remove most pet hair from your carpets, floors, and furniture, making it extremely pet home friendly.

The only difference between all “Multi-Floor” model and the “Animal” equivalent, besides the color, is the Animal will always come with a motorized, ‘turbine’ hand tool of some type. I’ve found it needed only a few times in my home with two Golden Retrievers.  Of course your mileage may vary.

The Dyson Mini Turbine Tool which can be purchased as an add-on accessory for the DC25 is specifically designed to remove stubborn, “stuck with glue” pet hair from upholstery. And it’s a design that works very well. It can be purchased as a separate accessory or, if you feel it’s needed from the get-go, you may want to consider the Dyson DC25 Animal Vacuum.

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How Much Does the Bin Hold? Is it Easy to Empty?

dyson cannister dumping
The bin holds .3 gallons or a little over a quart. Specifically, this is 1.2 quarts which is pretty decent dirt capacity for your typical home. The bin is clear so you can easily see all the crud that used to live in your floors.

To empty, press a button near your thumb as you hold the bin and the bin pops open from the bottom. Make sure the bin is already IN the garbage can BEFORE pushing the button.

Some reviewers have an issue about the dust that flies out when emptying the bin, but I like that I don’t have to get near the dirt or deal with a nasty, overfilled vacuum bag (talk about dust flying!) and I simply make sure the bin is down inside the trash can or bag before opening.

Speaking of bags, I can say what a pleasure it is to NEVER have to worry about buying bags again. The cost savings, over the 10-20 year life of a Dyson DC25 will certainly help offset the purchase price of the Dyson.  Plus, bags are messy, smelly, expensive over time, and no matter how well designed the vacuum is, WILL reduce the airflow and suction of the vacuum as it fills up.

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Is This Asthma & Allergy Friendly?

Yes.  The Dyson DC25 All Floors is certified asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.  It also comes with a washable HEPA filter that is contained in the ball. This filter traps microscopic particles down to 1/5,000 of a pinhead (the size of my brain my wife, at times, informs me).  Particles this small include common household allergens such as pollen, mold spores and dust mites.

Watch the review vide0 (at about 1:30) where a laser particle scanner (an everyday tool in most homes –  not!) measures the particles coming out of the DC25′s exhaust – you might be surprised at the findings.

There’s also a pre-filter that sits atop the bin. To access, push a button to release the lid of the bin, pivot it back, and lift the pre-filter out. It is recommended to clean the pre-filter and HEPA filter every 3 months.

For additional cleaning, you can purchase the Dyson Asthma and Allergy Kit containing a soft dusting brush, mattress tool and flexi crevice tool. These tools are designed to remove the finest dust from anywhere including fans, blinds, keyboards, mattresses and upholstery. The flexi crevice tool reaches dust and dirt in the most awkward spots you can find.

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What Do Others Say about the Dyson DC25 All-Floors Vacuum?

“Cheap plastic” is a comment frequently heard about the Dyson Vacuums.  However the “plastic” is actually a polycarbonate which is pretty tough.  When I first discovered Dyson vacuum’s, I thought they looked like a cheap Barbie toy. Don’t know why but that was my first thought when I saw it (they used to be purple and a pinkish/red in color).

However, they sent a piece of the poly in the box.  My friend and I simply could not break this with our hands. We had to put it in a vice and continually move it back and forth with pliers, applying a LOT of force before it would break.

“The vacuum head, due to the ball, can lift when turning the vacuum.”  This is true.  However, I’m vacuuming to deep clean, not just makes streaks in the carpet as fast as I can and call it “done”.  I’ve never had an issue with this in actual use but, after reading the complaint, I was able to replicate the problem IF I turned the ball very quickly and forcefully side to side. Not a likely scenario in everyday use.  As I said, I’ve never found this to be an issue. Ever. Was surprised to read about it.

Most of the reviews are positive. In fact…


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Dyson DC25 Ball All-Floors Vacuum Video Review

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Pros and Cons?

green stoplight

    • Easy to assemble
    • Easy to use
    • Attachments stay with the vacuum at all times
    • Great suction power even with tools.  Dyson’s claim is “It will never lose suction.  Ever”
    • 5 year warranty on parts and labor
    • Bagless and easy to empty, clear bin
    • Go from tile to hard floor to carpet without adjustment; do rugs with an easy push of a button
    • Canister holds a lot of dirt
    • Easy to carry
    • Easy to maneuver
    • 16 ft. hose reach and 40 ft. overall reach is plenty long for most homes

yellow stoplight

    • Expensive
    • Stair tool a bit narrow
    • Brush tool impedes length of Crevice Tool and doesn’t rotate
    • Dust may fly when you empty the bin IF you don’t have it down in the garbage can or bag
    • The vacuum won’t fit very far under beds or low furniture without using the attachments

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What’s the Price And Where Can I Buy?

I would recommend you buy either the  Dyson DC25 All-Floors or Dyson DC25 Animal at amazon.com.  They tend to have the most competitive pricing, especially when you factor in their FREE Super Saver SHIPPING.

Want to save money? Dumb question I know. The first Dyson we bought was a factory refurbished unit.  I’ve bought three over the years. Saved a ton of my hard earned money and honestly, I couldn’t tell it wasn’t brand new.

You might want to check out my buying a refurbished Dyson Vacuum article if you think remanufactured might be an alternative to buying new.

Or, if you’d like, check out fantastic pricing on a refurbished DC25 All-Floors or a refurbished DC25 Animal both featured on overstock.com – they have THE BEST selection & prices on refurbished Dyson’s I’ve found – ONLY $2.95 shipping! Plus, you can buy extended warranties. Check them out!

Lastly, If you’ve found this article helpful, how about some “social love” by clicking below?  Thanks much!

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